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"There are no Words - an infinity of experimental beats and sounds, that simultaneously float, dance, reflect and groove. Each song is packed with surprising depth - some instruments come in lights flicks while others provide a more raw, heavy edge and rhythms intermix, contrasting yet complimenting each other, drawing you in and leading you through each song."

White of the Waves was born from the darkest of times, created with a desire to forge something positive from such a desolate situation; to turn the tide.

For me, City and Colour's lyrics "I've got too much in front of me, and not enough left behind" from the track Northern Blues, beautifully captures the fragility of life, and that need to leave your mark. The lyrics were the lyrical kick-start I needed to begin the writing and recording of my debut EP, 'There are no Words'.

I wanted to be able to share my music, so that others could hear it too - after all, what use is a song that lives only in my mind?

White of the Waves creates experimental, instrumental music, that gives the listener the chance to discover their own meaning for each song, with no lyrics to be lead by.

I've always found that music has an incredible power to capture memories and feelings - almost bottling them up and transforming them into something unique and personal to each person. I would love it if my music could do this for even just one of you.

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